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True Value of a Woman is a company designed to Promote, Advance and Train the women of this generation.

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  • True Value Of A Woman
  • 3715 Ridge Road, Charlotte, NC 28269
  • 704-992-1033, 704-321-5684
  • www.truevalueofawoman.com
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  • Bishop Larry Jackson, 704-992-1033, info@truevalueofaowman.com)

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  • May 2014
  • Women Issues
  • Seminar, Books and Media Products
  • True Value of a Woman is a company designed to Promote, Advance and Train the women of this generation.
  • Christian Women

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  • Human Resources
  • Processes and activities to influence culture
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  • We are prepared to meet or objective through qualified National leaders who are positioned to help and advance women from all walks of life.



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The Twelve Guiding Principles

The entire movement is built upon Twelve Guiding Principles that our members strive to establish in their lives. These twelve principles are also designed to help each woman find her place in this national and international movement. There is a National Director over each of the twelve principles who is currently overseeing their own ministry as well. The movement hinges on these principles so it is important that you read the book by the same title!


National Directors

There are 12 National Directors who all have and oversee their own ministries. These leaders have partnered with Bishop Larry Jackson and the True Value of a Woman movement to accomplish together what they couldn’t do alone. The National Directors have taken leadership over the 12 Guiding Principles, where each of them have responsibility over one each. It is through the twelve principle that the National Directors engage with the women of the True Value Movement. You can find more information about these directors by visiting the National Directors page.


City Coordinators

We have City Coordinators who are responsible for advancing the movement in their region. These women are currently a part of local churches and ministries who have a strong focus on reaching and ministering to women. The City Coordinators connect with other women groups, ministries and churches in their area to introduce the True Value of a Woman movement. These women work together to share ideas and best practices for the overall success of the moment. We are currently looking for additional coordinators so if you are interested please contact us at info@truevalueofaowoman.com.