Benefits of Joining

  1. Receive training to function as Priests of the Lord who operate from a Kingdom mindset
  2. Receive coaching to become spokespersons who understand the issues facing women and who can communicate to these issues from a Kingdom perspective.
  3. Obtain comprehensive instructions concerning the proper position of the woman designed by God from the beginning and how to present this principle to this generation.
  4. Intense targeted gatherings designed to free women from the emotional and physical bondage that have them living beneath the standard of God.
  5. Specialized meetings for members only for fellowship and relaxation.
  6. Entry into our script program.
  7. A vehicle for the mature (senior) woman to function in a New Testament reality.
  8. Provide an atmosphere that allows women who live to pray to dwell between the porch and the altar to receive God’s answers into the earth realm.
  9. Offer ways to reach a generation of young women who will take their place in every sphere of society.
  10. Instruction that produces women who can and will carry the gospel message with balance and integrity.
  11. The tools that release women from the male hatred designed to keep them apart and in conflict with each other instead of finding the unity that can defeat the enemy’s plans against them.
  12. Provide avenues that are bringing women together in the local church so that they can help to increase the church membership.