Business Organization Checklist

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Small Business Office Organizing Checklist 


Create an environment that is welcoming and that you will want to spend time in.

  • Take lighting into consideration, as a well-lit area will lead to better productivity.
  • Avoid facing your desk to a wall and instead face a window or door.
  • Ensure you have a comfortable and well-fitting chair at your desk to promote good posture.


Place the items you use most within easy reach.

  • Create a semi-circle around you seated at your desk to use optimal space.
  • Take into account if you are left or right-handed and place objects on your desk accordingly.
  • Make sure you have quick access to regularly-used office supplies.


Use vertical space to your advantage.

  • Install shelves or bulletin boards above your desk to maximize the vertical space near your work area.


Improve productivity by minimizing clutter.

  • Decide what you should keep, donate, throw away or put somewhere else.
  • Create zones to store similar items and categories together.
  • Take measurements and stick to using containers that you know will fit in your zones.


Use items in your office that will help you stay organized.

For paper management

  • Garbage, recycle, and shred bins
  • Desktop scanner
  • Inbox & outbox
  • File cabinet
  • Hanging files and file folders
  • Label maker
  • Master file index


For cord management

  • Reusable zip ties
  • Cord wraps
  • Cable box
  • Cable zipper
  • Cord labels