Eight Week Organization Plan

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Eight Weeks to Total Organization

When your life is organized there is more time to pursue the things of the Lord. You can focus on increasing your net worth and accomplishing life goals. If you have children they will receive more of your attention and care. Organization develops freedom in a way that most people can’t understand because their lives are still disorganized. Be sure to let family members know that this is an 8 week process and you will need them to help you keep the areas clean and organized that are completed on your check list.

You owe this to yourself!

Week One

Day 1: Kitchen counters and sink

Day 2: Kitchen cabinets and drawers

Day 3: Pantry and food storage

Day 4: Refrigerator and freezer

Day 5: Recipes

Day 6: Recycling / trash cans

Day 7: Coupons


Week Two

Day 7: Coupons

Day 8: Meal planning/grocery shopping

Day 9: Addresses and contact info

Day 10: Mail

Day 11: Paying bills

Day12: Receipts and tax documents

Day 13: Filing system

Day 14: Magazines and newspapers


Week Three

Day 15: Passwords, manuals/warranties

Day 16: Home office

Day 17: Cleaning supplies

Day 18: Bathroom

Day 19: Medicine cabinet

Day 20: Entryway / mud room

Day 21: Living room / family room


Week Four

Day 22: Dining room / eating areas

Day 23: Laundry room

Day 24: Laundry baskets/hampers

Day 25: Purses and briefcases

Day 26: Books

Day 27: CDs and DVDs

Day 28: Photographs


Week Five

Day 29: Crafts

Day 30: Vehicles

Day 31: Pets

Day 32: Yard / garden

Day 33: Basement

Day 34: Homework area/launching pad

Day 35: Linen closet


Week Six

Day 36: Master bedroom closet

Day 37: Seasonal clothing switch

Day 38: Master bedroom

Day 39: Garage

Day 40: Attic

Day 41: Jewelry / accessories

Day 42: Shoes


Week Seven

Day 43: Makeup / cosmetics

Day 44: Kids’ closets

Day 45: Kids’ bedrooms

Day 46: Toys and games

Day 47: Personal home inventory

Day 48: Storing china and crystal

Day 49: Storing silver


Week Eight

Day 50: Christmas decorations

Day 51: Wrapping paper and supplies

Day 52: Family calendar