Our History

There are times in life when you know that God is leading your steps to follow a predesigned path and it is easy to move forward with confidence. Then there are other times when it appears that you are moving along and you end up on a road you have not traveled much or at all.

The second situation is the way God chose to bring forth the True Value of a Woman movement. For over 19 years Bishop Larry Jackson has worked with men through association with several nationally known and respected men’s ministries. Bishop is very comfortable in his ministry to men and has become a frequently sought after speaker.

As the senior Pastor of Bethel Outreach International Church in Charlotte, NC, he has conducted monthly marriage classes. Many of the wives attending the classes found that information shared to be challenging and very unique. These women asked Bishop if he would be willing to share this information with all of the women in the body, the married as well as the unmarried.

Bishop Jackson reluctantly accepted the request with one stipulation, that they would invite women in and outside of the church body to this meeting and ensure it was well attended. The women accepted this challenge and filled the meeting with their family and friends.

The time allowed for this one day meeting proved to be inadequate and the women asked Bishop to hold another meeting to complete the material he couldn’t complete during that first meeting. So five months later the second meeting was held in a larger venue with even more women attending.

In each of these meetings, where Bishop Jackson was the only one teaching, the women left energized and feeling empowered to live the valued life God intended. It was through these series of events that God was making it clear that this was a road He wanted Bishop Jackson to travel.

Since Bishop understood that he couldn’t be everywhere and through the persistence of his wife, Joanndra, he authored the True Value of a Woman book. This book became an instant success among Christian and non-Christian woman alike as they began reading them and purchasing them for family and friends.

The book paved the way for additional meetings and it was through this process that Bishop understood a movement was needed and not just another women’s ministry. History proves that when women decide to work together they accomplish significant changes within the broader society. It is now time for Christian women to unify around the things of the kingdom of God to make a much needed impact on our global society.

We believe that many of the issues that seem to be out of control or have no answers can and will be greatly affected when women understand their value and stop allowing society to devalue them. Great advancements have taken place through the years where women are concerned but we believe the next move will be the greatest of all.

No one planned for or even saw this movement coming because it is God led and birthed. Now that it is here it is time for it to accomplish what He has revealed it should become. Join the movement!