The Foundation

The main focus of The True Value Of A Woman Movement is to help women realize who they are and how special they are to God and should be to man. In today’s culture, the information concerning a woman’s value and how much God cares for her can be more than enough to accomplish my earlier claims. But there is so much that has not been fully explored by the church concerning women that a book this size could never include it all.

And the LORD God said, it is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. Genesis 2:18 

After making these claims I realize that there are still church organizations that have a very low opinion about women and their role in and outside of the church. They have developed wrong perspectives about the role of women in the church; this is due to them not investigating the New Covenant as a completely new relationship to God that even surpasses the relationship of Adam and Mrs. Adam.

There is no wonder many professional women don’t want to submit to the church leadership who doesn’t see them as important when the world system is fully embracing their abilities and achievements. When I read the bible and study the New Covenant, it is clear that God restored all that was lost in Adam’s sin, which would also include the woman’s role in the disobedience.

If she is restored with everything else that was corrupted by Adam’s sin, then it is time to go back to God’s original intent for her existence and allow her to function the way He designed. Women must be told and begin to operate as Women of God and things that once seemed difficult to accomplish will become easier because things will be in proper alignment.

The world is waiting and watching, so let’s get busy putting in place this lost principle of how truly valuable women are and how important their position is to creation!

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